Monday, July 6, 2009


Welcome to Hanford's Domain. The most accurate and up-to-date sports source on the web. We are going to have some fun sharing news in every sport, scores, transactions, fantasy news, and even the psychotic internet rumors that everyone knows they love to dissect even if they have no chance of happening. Anything that relates to sports by even the tiniest microcosm is fair game here, whether its the new video game that just hit stores, or favorite foods to eat while watching the Steelers beat the Ravens. Yes I'm a huge Pittsburgh sports fan so excuse the slight objectivity.....or don't. A little bit about myself, my name is Ian Hanford, I am going to be a sophomore at Indiana university of Pennsylvania in the fall of '09, can anyone guess my major? hmmmmm.....sports management.....Yes I eat, sleep and breathe sports. Does not matter what court, ball, venue, or participants as long as the competition is heavy and the emotions are running high. I am known to shut myself off from people when my team gets taken down. I like to think I know the player's personally with the way I talk about them but no one seems to believe me. Sports really is a passion for me and I will appreciate any support from fellow fans such as myself. Feel free to leave comments and lets get the banter going!! Until my next post this is Ian..over and out

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