Monday, July 13, 2009

News and Tidbits from around the sports world:


-More rumors keep piling on for the Pirates when it comes to trade rumors, no one can escape them it seems. Looks like yet another fire sales by the beloved pirates management, such players as Jack Wilson, Ian Snell, Adam Laroche and even Freddy Sanchez have been the subject of many rumors. The biggest shocker I feel has come recently when Zach Duke was names to be part of a possible deal with Freddy Sanchez to San Fransisco for Jonathan Sanchez, the newest member to the no-no club.

- Where will Roy Halladay end up? Philly? New York? Boston? Who knows but I do know that if Toronto trades him to an AL east rival they are insane. He is arguably the best pitcher of the last five or six years and Toronto is not yet out of the race in the uber-competitive division. Skip Bayless recently said on First and Ten on ESPN that he feels every team should be looking to break the bank on Halladay. He said that Philly should deal Rollins and their top two prospects. I predict that the Phillies, like most other Philly franchises will not have the kudos to push that one through. Bayless then stated that the Red Sox should deal the heralded pitching prospect Clay Bucholz and their all everything player Kevin Youkilis. This statement actually rendered me speechless. With Youkilis your looking at a guy who could have easily have been AL MVP last year and is a gold glover capable of playing either corner of the infield. Especially for a team like the Red Sox where character is nearly as important as talent, this move would do more harm than good.

-Prince Fielder has just claimed the Home Run Derby crown for 2009, belting 6 bombs in teh final round to beat the 29 year old rookie, Nelson Cruz. Cruz has spent several years in the minors and was actually Pacific League MVP last year. Am I the only one that wants to call MLB and say hey if Brandon Inge can try it, can I get in next year too? He might as well brought a wiffle ball bat up.


- The aging star Allen Iverson appears to be nearing closer to a deal with the Miami Heat, not exactly what Mr. Wade was hoping for I am sure but hey what could it hurt.

- If the Lakers reach the deal with Lamar Odom that they are hoping too, people will be looking at a very scary Lakers team. With the addition of Ron Artest, they add maybe the best perimeter defender in the game and a versatile scorer and rebounder to help out Kobe.

-Millsap or Boozer? It appears the Jazz are going to have to make a chocie between the two. The Jazz have to match the Blazers offer to keep Millsap, but if they were to lose him they would surely keep Boozer. If they do keep Millsap, and they have made it public that it is their priority to do so, they will likely deal Boozer in a trade. Many rumor Boozer's likely destination as either Chicago or Detroit.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Celtics Land 'Sheed, now after Grant Hill

The Boston Celtics have recently landed one of the most high profile free agents on the NBA market this offseason. At 34 years old Rasheed Wallace is still a very capable high and low post scorer but the question is how much does he have left in the tank? The Celtics have signed Wallace to a two year mid-level exception deal. While Wallace can definitely score the basketball, his attitude has to constantly be called into question, he is a walking technical foul and while teammates are known to get along greatly with him, I am not sure how Kevin Garnett will handle a guy like Wallace. A few days after landing Wallace the Celtics are now rumored to be pursuing Grant Hill, yet another aging mediocre player. In Hill's case not only is he getting older and older but he has a very well-documented injury history, most of them on the serious end of things. I am not sure the angle the Celtics are playing here. They already have an older team and everyone knows they have been playing in the short term and not looking to the future, but when do you have enough of the short term guys. They only had one draft choice this year and spent it on Lester Hudson a very highly under rated PG but they still lack young depth inside, after the team will reportedly lose Leon Powe and Glenn "Big Baby" Davis this off-season. Both of these players were key cogs in the wheel that made this team turn. While it is hard to question Danny Ainge, given his recent success, these moves just puzzle me. I mean maybe the Celtics will bring back Larry and The Chief while they are at it and call it a day. One obvious benefit Ainge may be looking to bring from these geriatric moves is the senior citizen discount they could receive at restaurant's on road trips in the next few years. Best of luck Boston.

Monday, July 6, 2009


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